Across The Board will release the new EP "Amends" globally on Star One Records in July!

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"Are You Really Here"


What is your BOLD ACTION for CHANGE in 2017?

Across The Board released our new single "Don't Drag Me Down" free for download to the world on International Women's Day 2017 from Soundcloud HERE. We lend our voice to equality, bridging the gender gap, and celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women with our new song. Visibility and awareness help drive positive change for everyone!

Be The Change You Want To See In The World #DDMD

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Are You Really Here?

ATB's Debut Album:

​Jane On Fire

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New Single: "Are You Really Here"


Across The Board is releasing an

EP "Amends"- JULY 10 on Star One Records-come see ATB play at The Supermarket in Toronto! 


Debut Album: "Jane On Fire"

Released June 14, 2016, "Jane On Fire" is a Pop Rock / Americana cross over album from the award-winning band, Across The Board. Stream the album for free at:


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Unreleased Single

"Are You Really Here"